Flower Bouquet Designer

Hi there –

I am Pam The Flower Cart Lady. I’ve never been known as the most put together person you’ll ever meet. I wear my heart firmly on my sleeve and deeply value authenticity in relationships. I love meeting and connecting with those who visit our flower farm.

My husband (Gary) and I run this small flower farm together. He does all the hard “grunt” and "dirty" work while I get to do all the creative work.

I think nature and flowers were created by God to bring joy, comfort, hope, peace, and healing. I have found great meaning in the work I do. I believe it opens eyes and hearts to all the good, hopeful, loving, wonderful things in the world. We desperately need this in a world saturated with chaos and bad news stories.

There’s just nothing like seeing the smile on someone’s face when they receive a fresh bouquet of hand picked farm fresh flowers.

We are spreading joy in our community one bouquet at a time. Stop on out to our front yard flower cart and grab a bouquet for yourself or someone you love.